OCA-wallet is designed for «hot» storage and fast bitcoin transfer between OCA users, as well as for sending to external bitcoin addresses. Commission for transfers within the OCA is 0.01% of the amount, but not less than one satoshi. Commission for external transfers is about 15 satoshi for a byte. The commission is charged only from the sender, the commission is not charged to the recipient for both internal and external transfers.

Each user gets generated ECDSA private key when the OCA is turned on first time. The private key is stored in an encrypted form (the password is a PIN) on the user’s device, and the public key is written to the server, then each user’s request is signed with a private key; the server checks the message with a public key. Attention, the safety of the private key is the responsibility of the OCA user.

Each user is given a bitcoin address from the common OCA wallet, external receipts are credited with at least 6 transaction confirmations. Internal payments are credited instantly.

When sending a payment, it is necessary to check your data on the server, then sending is available. Sending to the internal addresses of the OCA is done instantly, the package sending can be set to several external addresses, but not more than 20. For sending to external addresses, the OCA does not receive a commission.

Using OCA, you agree that the OCA team does not guarantee the safety of your funds and does not bear any responsibility.


OCA Team: «Jupiter Soft» Cyber Security Center

application support by e-mail oca@jupitersoft.kz